Declaration of the Borrower.


I/We declare that the supply of goods and services to be provided to me/us by Gough Finance Limited (‘Gough Finance’) and for the intent of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 are acquired for business purposes and not primarily for personal, domestic or household purposes. 

I/we acknowledge that nothing in the Act shall apply to that supply [except the exemption in Section 43]; and
where the goods and services applied for relate to the supply of second hand goods, I/we understand the supply relates to second hand goods and that Gough Finance does not promise they are fit for any particular purpose. 


The following provisions apply to all dealings between Gough Finance Limited, its assigns, and/or its related companies (referred to as 'Gough Finance'), and the signatories to this authority. 

For the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993 and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004, I/We: 

Information about Other Parties 

Undertake that personal information about other individuals supplied by me/us has been disclosed to Gough Finance with that other individual's consent. 

Collection of Information 

Agree Gough Finance may collect and hold from whatever source it considers appropriate, such information as may be necessary for Gough Finance to determine whether or not to accept my/our finance applications, and agree that Gough Finance may produce this authority to any person for the purpose of collecting that information. 

Disclosure to Credit Reporting Agencies 

Understand that Gough Finance will give my personal information to credit reporters for the purpose of obtaining a credit report on me/us, and that those credit reporters may hold the information on their systems and disclose it to authorised users of their services. 

I/We acknowledge that while finance is provided by Gough Finance, it may: 

Ongoing Administration 

Collect and monitor personal information about me/us as is necessary for the administration and protection of such credit from any source it considers appropriate. 

Disclosure of Defaults 

Disclose to a credit reporting agency any default in my/our obligation to Gough Finance and provide any of the personal information to any person employed by Gough Finance to assist in enforcement of any agreement between us. 

Disclose to any credit provider named in a credit report relating to me information about my creditworthiness and credit history. 

Future Opportunity 

Use all personal information held about me/us now or in the future to offer me/us further finance, to consider any future application for refinance from me/us, and to provide me/us with details of other products and services from time to time. 

Access to information 

Any information about me/us collected by Gough Finance will be held by Gough Finance and/or its assigns, and I/We understand that access to and the right to request correction of that information will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993. 


I/we have never been declared bankrupt or assigned my/our estate for the benefit of creditors. 


I/we acknowledge that before signing I/we received and was/were given the opportunity to read a copy of the attached Facility Standard Terms. 


By signing this proposal, I/we offer to borrow the loan amount on the terms set out in this Facility Proposal, the Standard Terms, and the Quote. 

I/We agree to notify Gough Finance promptly in writing if I/we change address. 

I/We acknowledge that if my/our proposal is accepted, Gough Finance will purchase Equipment from the Dealer. 

To facilitate this purchase the Dealer will issue a tax invoice for the Equipment. I/We agree with Gough Finance that should the invoice be issued in my/our name it is as agent for Gough Finance only, and I/we will have no rights to the Equipment other than as set out in this agreement if our proposal is accepted. 


I/We declare that we will comply with our insurance obligations under the Facility Standard Terms.


I/We certify that all of the information provided in the whole of this proposal and supporting information is true and accurate and discloses my/our correct financial position, and I/we acknowledge it will be relied upon by Gough Finance to determine whether or not to accept my/our application for finance.


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